Celebrating my Favourite Fictional Ladies on International Women’s Day 2019!

I have a whole bunch of amazing ladies from films and games that I constantly look up to and admire so much, even though they are all fictional. Most of these ladies are women who I aspired to be when I was younger, but some are more recent additions, who have inspired me in my adult life as well. In honour of International Women’s Day, I am going to gush about fiction women I love, so enjoy!

Princess Leia:

Leia is probably the first of these women that I remember being exposed to, she is the first woman in film I think I ever looked up to, and for good reason. She was so young when she took on the responsibilities that she did, she acts twice her age and can handle herself extremely well. She is kind, intelligent and just an all-around amazing woman.

Lara Croft:

What was I saying about women being overly sexualised? Well, Lara Croft is perhaps one of the most sexualised characters to ever be created, I hate to say it, but an integral part of her creation was in her appearance and her appeal to the younger teenage boy gamer of the 1990s. However, although she is quite the sex symbol, little girls everywhere look up to her nonetheless. When I was a little one, I didn’t give a damn about what she looked like, I just thought she was amazing, and I wanted to be her. I love how much the character has developed with the recent reboot, becoming more of a rounded character. However, there is just something about 90’s Lara that I will forever hold close to my heart.

Ellen Ripley:

Ripley is a total badass through and through.Blasting onto screens in 1979, in Alien, Ellen Ripley has soon become one of the most iconic science fiction characters ever. Her calm, collective manner paired with her epic survival skills make her a woman to be reckoned with. What I love most about Ripley is how she is both badass, yet so maternal at the same time. She is such a wonderful portrayal of a woman, without being overly sexualised.


Damn. I love The Hunchback of Notre Dame so much. As well as the cracking music, I do this it was entirely down to Esmeralda. She is one of those Disney heroines that gets overlooked so often and it genuinely makes me so sad. She is the definition of a badass independent lady, who uses her intelligence and street smarts to get by. Not to mention how amazing her outfits are and her solo song ‘God Help the Outcasts’ is honestly breathtaking.


Saga is my favourite graphic novels. I even wrote my MA dissertation on it, that is how interesting I find it, and it is mainly down to Alana. Alana is an incredible character, she is funny, smart and resilient. Again, like Ripley she is also so maternal, she uses her badassery to protect her child from harm. She is a fierce fighter and again is such a complex character.


I never expected to be wowed my Mad Max: Fury Road. However I was genuinely blown away by every aspect of the film. Especially the female characters, and in particular, Imperator Furiosa. What an amazing woman. She risks her life to save these young women from being slaves and she succeeds, not without trouble though. Again she has that caring element that is so relatable, showing that women can be both badass and kind.


A very recent addition to this list of amazing ladies. But when I went to see Black Panther for the first time it was Okyoe who stood out for me. She is just incredible, again an amazing warrior who is a force to be reckoned with, but she is also a character that is seen as an advisor, T’Challa sees her as an equal. And what is more badass than leading a group of warrior women, who are the Kings personal army. So cool!


Now I couldn’t do a list such as this without a special mention to my girl Eowyn. She is so damn awesome, she wants to be a warrior like the men, and guess what she just does for it. She defies the requests of all the dumb men in her life and follows her dreams. I mean, her dreams almost get her killed, but still. She slays one of the most formidable opponents in Middle Earth, absolutely destroying him, all the while yelling “I am no man” YAAS. She is just the best.

So there we have it. I could have included so many more amazing women I look up to, but honestly, this would be the longest post in history. So again, Happy International Women’s Day! What women from films/games do you look up to? Who inspires you? Drop me a line in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

By Siobhan Aisling.








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